Ending violence against women and girls

Government increases funding for rape and sexual abuse victims

Specialist rape and sexual abuse support services will receive a £800,000 (10%) boost to help more victims across England and Wales under government plans announced on Wednesday 7th November 2018. The additional funding – now totalling £24 million over the next 3 years – will go towards vital services providing advice, support and counselling to help victims cope with and, as far as possible, recover from these devastating crimes.

High Court Strikes Down Home Office Decision to Cut Support for Victims of Trafficking and Modern Slavery

On the 8th November 2018, The High Court declared the decision of the Home Office to cut weekly benefits to asylum seeking victims of trafficking by over 40% – from £65 to £37.75 per week – to be unlawful. More than 1,000 victims of trafficking were affected by the cut that was unilaterally implemented by the Home Office without consultation with the affected victims or their support providers. More information here

Jobs: Northumbria PCC

The Police and Crime Commissioner for Northumbria, Dame Vera Baird QC, and Northumbria Police Chief Constable, Winton Keenen have a Joint Independent Audit Committee that meets 4 times a year to consider the financial issues and governance, assurance, risk management, regulatory frameworks and statutory financial duties for both the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner and the Office of the Chief Constable.

Organised crime: child sexual exploitation

The Home Office has published analysis of the scale and economic cost of organised crime, including child sexual exploitation, over 2015/16. Findings include: in 2015 it is estimated that there were 6,850 victims of child sexual exploitation; the social and economic cost of child sexual exploitation over the 2015/16 financial year is estimated to be £2.3 billion. Source: NSPCC Caspar Alert. 

The Girls Network looking for North East women mentors

The Girls' Network works with schools to match 14-19 year old girls with strong female professionals to act as a mentor to increase confidence, aspirations and self belief. Most girls are influenced by the people closest to them, if they do not see women in challenging and rewarding jobs in varied roles they are unable to have the self belief needed to aspire to these roles themselves. You can't be what you can't see! 

Save Our Services Campaign: Northumberland Domestic Abuse Services

Northumberland Domestic Abuse Services will close at the end of March 2019 if funding cannot be found to allow the charity to continue. NDAS has launched an awareness and fundraising campaign and are looking for people from across Northumberland to say why NDAS is an important service and what the potential impact would be if NDAS closed its doors. Find out more about the campaign here


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