Ending violence against women and girls

Introduction to CEDAW Presentation - Janet Veitch and Hannana Siddiqui

This is the presentation by Women's Resource Centre setting the scene on the current CEDAW consulatations. It was due to be delivered at the snowed-off event on 28th February 2018. The consultation will take place through follow up meetings to be arranged, and through an online consultation which you can access here

Joint Serious Case Review into sexual exploitation published

On Friday 23rd February the Joint Serious Case Review into sexual exploitation in Newcastle Upon Tyne was published. The Joint Serious Case Review was commissioned to learn from Newcastle’s experience in October 2015 as there was growing awareness of sexual exploitation of vulnerable women and girls on a large scale across the city. The report covers sexual exploitation in Newcastle from 2007 to 2015 through the experiences of eight victims – both women and girls – with a broad range of backgrounds.

Some of its main findings are:

Supreme Court Worboys Case: Clear and Final Ruling – Police must investigate rape properly & failing to do so breaks the law

The End Violence Against Women Coalition (EVAW), NIA, Rape Crisis England & Wales and Southall Black Sisters (SBS) – four women’s groups who intervened in a Supreme Court case where the Met Police and Home Secretary tried to argue that the police cannot be held to account when they fail to investigate serious crimes adequately – are delighted at the 21 February historic ruling by the Supreme Court which makes clear that the police must investigate rape properly to ensure human rights are protected. The women’s groups paid tribute to the victims of John Worboys who have fought this case

Jobs: Safe In Tees Valley

Safe in Tees Valley has been commissioned to manage the Teesside SARC and develop and deliver a new and exciting regional Crisis Service to support all victims engaging with the Teesside, Durham and Northumbria/Tyne & Wear SARCs. They are recruiting for the following positions:


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