Ending violence against women and girls

Now’s the Time – Rosa small grants programme – closing date 28th Sept

Grants of up to £25,000 available through the Justice and Equality Fund’s ‘Now’s the Time’ small grants programme.

Now’s the Time is the second programme from the Justice and Equality Fund managed by Rosa. The programme aims to amplify the voices of individuals and groups who are calling for an end to sexual harassment and abuse, in their workplaces and in their communities.

WRC consultation on proposed reforms to the Gender Recognition Act 2004

The UK Government is currently consulting on proposed reforms to The Gender Recognition Act (GRA) 2004.

Women's Resource Centre (WRC) is therefore seeking the views of its members in order to respond to the Government’s consultation on reforming the process of changing an individual’s legal gender, via the GRA 2004.

We are particularly interested to gather your views on any impact the GRA may have on single and separate sex services for women and girls.

BME women’s groups come together to write ‘alternative Bill’ for ending violence against women

Imkaan has published 'From the Margin to the Centre: Proposal for an Alternative Bill addressing Violence Against Women and Girls', in response to the government's proposed Domestic Abuse Bill. The Alternative Bill presents an approach to addressing violence against women and girls (VAWG) that is based on a deep understanding of the diverse lived experiences of women and girls subjected to VAWG. The Alternative Bill outlines a response to VAWG that is gendered, in recognition that patriarchy and gender inequality is the root cause of VAWG.

Less than a third of young men prosecuted for rape are convicted

Last week The Guardian reported on new figures showing men aged 18-24 less likely to be found guilty of rape than older men in England and Wales. The crisis engulfing the criminal justice system over its approach to rape cases is revealed by startling figures that show less than a third of prosecutions brought against young men result in a conviction. According to statistics, men aged 18 to 24 in England and Wales are consistently less likely to be found guilty than older men on trial.

Funding boost to help pupils affected by domestic abuse

The Home Office has awarded charity Operation Encompass £163,000 for its vital initiative to support children who attend school following a domestic abuse incident. Operation Encompass is a system which ensures the police contact a school before the next school day when one of their pupils has been exposed to domestic abuse. This allows a school’s safeguarding team to make sure the appropriate support is in place to give the pupil the assistance they need.

Women's Fund and Tampon Tax Community Fund opportunities in the North East

The Women’s Fund is now open for applications and now able to offer larger grants, up to £5,000.  The fund previously awarded grants up to £3,000 so this is a significant change and it's hoped it will encourage more applications.  Full details are on the Community Foundation website and applicants should use the standard Community Foundation online application process, simply indicating that your application is for consideration by the Women


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