Ending violence against women and girls

Domestic violence murders have surged to a five-year high

Case in point when it comes to the critical need for new domestic abuse legislation: 173 people were killed in domestic violence-related homicides last year, according to data obtained by the BBC – an increase of 32 deaths from 2017. Liverpool University criminologist Professor Sandra Walklate notes the weapon used commonly in street murders is equally prevalent in the home, describing women as ‘invisible victims of knife crime’.

Economics will stay a man’s game while women are kept out of the equation

eep the home fires burning! After the apocalyptic vision of post-Brexit Britain revealed last week in the leak of Operation Yellowhammer, we learn that the government will spend £4m on “local resilience forums” across England (and £1.7m for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) supporting Brexit preparations for public services.


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