Women's Budget Group Full Autumn Budget Response



Publication date: 

4th Nov 2018

We have now released our full gendered analysis of the 2018 Autumn Budget. This is available to view and download via the website, along with our pre-budget policy briefings.

The 2018 Autumn Budget was supposed to be the Budget that ended austerity.
There was confirmation of welcome additional money for the NHS and more money for Universal Credit, which will benefit women as the majority of those using and working in the NHS and the majority of those who need social security.
However, as our analysis shows, other public services remain chronically underfunded, and the social security system is still facing large cuts. For those hit hardest by cuts to spending on public services and social security the Chancellor's speech promised 'jam tomorrow' with little real change to improve their lives today. With future spending plans dependent on a 'good' Brexit deal even that promise may not be realised. 
With continued low growth projections, and on-going uncertainty over Brexit the Chancellor should have taken the opportunity to invest in social infrastructure, particularly the care sector, which would not only address the urgent crisis in care but also boost employment.
Read the full analysis online.