Women's Aid Impact Report 2016-2017


Women's Aid

Publication date: 

21st Jul 2017

"The Women’s Aid movement is one of the most important achievements of feminism in this country. The struggle over decades, led by survivors of domestic abuse themselves, to establish the network of specialist services that now saves countless lives, continues to this day. This is not just a struggle for funding: it is also a struggle for understanding, for recognition, for women to be heard and believed. That’s why Women’s Aid can never be just a federation of organisations. It is a movement, determined to strive for the profound social and cultural change that is needed if men’s violence against women is to end.

We support survivors directly, and by listening to their voices we can understand where to use our influence to improve the way they are treated. We stand alongside survivors to fight for services that genuinely understand and respond to the needs of women.

Our work through our specialist services goes hand in hand with campaigning and raising awareness. Neither aspect of our work can be effective without the other.

That’s how our movement has achieved great things in 2016/17 and will do so for years to come."