Women still do majority of household chores, study reveals


UCL in 'Work, Employment and Society'

Publication date: 

25th Jul 2019

Women are still doing the majority of housework when living with a male partner, a new study has found.

According to the analysis conducted by University College London (UCL) and published in the journal Work, Employment and Society, "gender norms remain strong" when it comes to household chores.

The researchers assessed data from more than 8,500 heterosexual couples who were interviewed for the UK Household Longitudinal Study between 2010 and 2011.

They discovered that women do approximately 16 hours of household chores every week, while men do closer to six.

Furthermore, women did the bulk of the domestic duties in 93 per cent of the couples analysed for the study.

When both individuals in the couples were in full-time employment, women were found to be five times more likely than men to spend at least 20 hours a week doing household chores.