Women's Budget Group

Publication date: 

20th Jul 2019

Last month WBG launched a report #HomeOfHerOwn exploring the impact the housing crisis has had on women's access to the housing market. Below are some of the new data in the report: 

  • Nowhere in England is housing affordable for women. There is no region in England where the average home to rent is affordable for a woman on median earnings.
  • Women need over 12 times their annual salaries to be able to buy a home in England, while men need just over eight times.
  • Across England as a whole average rents take 43% of women’s median earnings and 28% of men’s.

To access the executive summary click here
If you would like to raise awareness of housing issues in your area you can dowlload the above info-graphics and others here

If you would like to to look at housing data in your local area then please get in touch to discuss further.