Exploring the Economic Impact of Brexit on Women


Fawcett Society and Women's Budget Group

Publication date: 

28th Mar 2018

The first independent report looking at the economic impact of Brexit on women has today been published by the Women’s Budget Group and the Fawcett Society. The report is the first independent, gendered analysis of how we can expect Brexit to impact women differently to men

The report shows the economic impact of Brexit will hit women hard, leading to lost jobs, cuts to services and a squeeze on family budgets.

Despite the fact that Brexit is rarely out the headlines, little has been said on the specific impact leaving the EU will have on women — particularly women from vulnerable or marginalised communities. Our most recent support sets out to address this. 

The report looks at the impact of Brexit on things such as GDP, as well as the specific effect it will have on women as workers, users of services and consumers. Ultimately, we argue that the process of Brexit is diverting political attention and increasing levels of public resources away from urgent social issues such as the crisis in social care, housing and economic inequality all of which disproportionately affect women.

Despite the gloomy outlook, the report also makes several recommendations, including asking the Government to use sex-dis-aggregated statistics as standard and analyse for distributional effects across a variety of groups, workers and households, and to ensure that gender experts (including gender-aware economists) are appointed to work on technical teams. We will continue to lobby for these recommendations to be implemented.

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