Covid-19: Gender and other Equality Issues


Women's Budget Group

Publication date: 

20th Mar 2020

Key Points - there will be regular updates in this fast-moving situation.
• Covid-19 is a global public health crisis and an economic crisis which impacts on different groups including
women, BAME communities and disabled people, differently. Therefore, a response that takes into account
different groups’ positioning in society and in the economy is necessary:
• The Government must support businesses to continue paying their staff if they cannot operate.
• Both eligibility for, and rate of, Statutory Sick Pay must increase.
• Universal Credit must be reformed to cope with increase in claimants as well as increasing rates of child
benefit, carers’ allowance, parental leave payments and ESA/PIP payments.
• Local housing allowance must be restored to local rents as well as reintroducing full council tax rebates and
opening more safe accommodation for homeless people.
• No recourse to public funds must end and migrant women must not be fearful of using the health service.
• The Government must recognise the risk of increased domestic abuse and increase funding to women’s
organisations to be able to respond.