Domestic abuse and change resistant drinkers: preventing and reducing the harm

AVA and Alcohol Concern have released joint guidence and research on Domestic abuse and change resistant drinkers: preventing and reducing the harm. The guidance is based on lessons learnt from a review of Domestic Homicide Reviews where alcohol was involved. It highlights how domestic violence should be better understood and explored as a reason why individuals may not engage with alcohol treatment. The guidance has been written for all services supporting people affected by alcohol and domestic abuse and aims to:

Independent Inquiry into Sexual Exploitation in Rotherham

An estimate that 1,400 children were sexually exploited in Rotherham between 1997 and 2013 is among the key findings of this independent report by Professor Alexis Jay into the handling of child sexual exploitation by social services and police in the South Yorkshire town. She finds there were systemic failures in the agencies responses and makes a series of recommendations.

Unheard voices: Sexual exploitation of Asian girls and young women

Muslim Women's Network UK conducted research into the hidden experiences of Asian / Muslim girls and young women so that everyone can better understand how to support and protect them.  A total of 35 case studies were collected.  The report highlights:

Profile of Victims

Profile of Offenders

Nature of the Exploitation

Barriers to Disclosure and Reporting

Factors Driving Sexually Abusive Behaviour

Family and Community Responses

Frontline Professional and Service Provider Responses

Northumbria Police Domestic Homicide Problem Profile November 2015

Northumbria Police has agreed to share this redacted version of its problem profile looking at 24 domestic homicides in a 54 month period. The profile identifies 15 female and 9 male victims, the majority (36%) of whom were aged 41-50, with a further 27% aged 65 or over. Of the 21 male and 5 female suspects, 16 were partners or spouses, three were identofied as ex-partners and four were the children of the victim. Financial problems were identified as a significant pre-cursor.


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