SOS: Save refuges, save lives

This report provides the most up to date evidence and information on the provision of specialist domestic violence refuge services in England in 2014. It collates data from the Women’s Aid Annual Survey, UKrefugesonline (UKROL1) and other published sources to highlight the impact of funding cuts and poor local commissioning on specialist domestic violence refuge services and the women and children who need them.

Disability and domestic abuse: Risks, impacts and responses

Published at the end of 2015, this document improves understanding of the complexities of disabled people’s experiences of domestic abuse and promotes consideration of these complexities within the public health system. It also supports local and national action, and provides guidance to improve response across:

  • local authorities
  • health and social care services
  • clinical commissioners
  • domestic abuse services
  • disability services
  • police and crime commissioners
  • the wider public health system

Legal Aid Reforms and Women's Access to Justice

This is a Shadow Report from the UK women's sector to the United Nation's CEDAW executive. It represents a comprehensive round-up of the current state of women's access to justice across Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Women's Resource Centre is the umbrella organisation which co-ordinated evidence from many community and voluntary sector organisations. Enormous credit goes to Cris McCurley, NE solicitor and NEEVAWG member, for pulling it all together.

Nineteen Child Homicides

This report details the cases of nineteen children, all intentionally killed by a parent who was also a known perpetrator of domestic abuse. These killings were made possible through unsafe child contact arrangements, formal and informal. Over half of these child contact arrangements were ordered through the courts. Polly Neate, Chief Executive of Women's Aid, said “There is a misguided belief within the family courts and among judges that, because a relationship has ended, so has the domestic abuse.


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