Independent Inquiry into Sexual Exploitation in Rotherham

An estimate that 1,400 children were sexually exploited in Rotherham between 1997 and 2013 is among the key findings of this independent report by Professor Alexis Jay into the handling of child sexual exploitation by social services and police in the South Yorkshire town. She finds there were systemic failures in the agencies responses and makes a series of recommendations.

Unheard voices: Sexual exploitation of Asian girls and young women

Muslim Women's Network UK conducted research into the hidden experiences of Asian / Muslim girls and young women so that everyone can better understand how to support and protect them.  A total of 35 case studies were collected.  The report highlights:

Profile of Victims

Profile of Offenders

Nature of the Exploitation

Barriers to Disclosure and Reporting

Factors Driving Sexually Abusive Behaviour

Family and Community Responses

Frontline Professional and Service Provider Responses

Northumbria Police Domestic Homicide Problem Profile November 2015

Northumbria Police has agreed to share this redacted version of its problem profile looking at 24 domestic homicides in a 54 month period. The profile identifies 15 female and 9 male victims, the majority (36%) of whom were aged 41-50, with a further 27% aged 65 or over. Of the 21 male and 5 female suspects, 16 were partners or spouses, three were identofied as ex-partners and four were the children of the victim. Financial problems were identified as a significant pre-cursor.

Online Abuse Parliamentary Debate: Law Reform and Funding Specialist Support Services

The Centre for Gender Equal Media (GEM) at Durham University is a newly established think tank generating evidence and policy ideas to work towards a gender equal media. Founded by a partnership between leading researchers and policy experts in the field, GEM’s aim is for a democratic media, open and accessible to all. It makes the connections across forms of media including print media, online spaces and social media, film, gaming and music videos, and seeks to inform consistent evidence based policy-making across these areas.

Co-created support for adult survivors of childhood abuse

The International Centre at the University of Bedfordshire has published learning from their recent evaluation of a project working with adult survivors of child sexual abuse, run by Victim Support in partnership with the National Association of People Abused in Childhood (NAPAC). The project was co-created by a small group of adult survivors of child sexual abuse who worked in partnership with the project facilitators.

How legislation protects women-only services and spaces

This briefing highlights the existence of legal protections for women-only activities, spaces and services to help ensure that these rights are properly understood and to avoid misinterpretation that may threaten their existence. It includes: a summary of what is and isn’t covered by the Equality Act 2010; when discrimination is lawful; women-only associations; when discrimination against women-only events is unlawful and the legal responsibilities of public bodies.


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