“Some rise in reports of domestic abuse during lockdown in rural areas and concerns over those unable to escape potentially abusive situations during lockdown.”

That’s the message coming from Graham Biggs, the CX of the Rural Services Network following a survey of member organisations about the impact of covid-19 and lockdown on incidences of domestic abuse and homelessness during April and May. 

Baby Steps: Gender division of childcare during the Covid-19 pandemic

University of Bristol has written a paper on the gender division of childcare during the Covid-19 pandemic. Their research shows that Covid women were doing 65% more childcare than fathers but since the pandemic fathers contribution has increased but the increase has been driven by more time not working rather than the increase in childcare need. The research highlights that the additional burden of childcare is only shared more equally when men have more time on their hands.


Update from Northumbria PCC on domestic abuse actions

Message from Kim McGuinness, Police and Crime Commissioner:

"The Coronavirus pandemic has hit many of our communities hard, and our members, volunteers and councillors who work so hard locally, will know first-hand just how hard it’s been for so many.

I've continued to support many of those neighbourhoods with a specialist funding pot for local support groups, with targeted funds to tackle domestic abuse and by keeping work going to support young people in particular through the Violence Reduction Unit, but I know there's more to do.

Often Overlooked

Published by Agenda, Often Overlooked explores how self-harm among young women is often linked to poverty and disadvantage.

This new research, undertaken by analysts at the National Centre of Social Research, is one of the first to focus on connections between poverty and non-suicidal self-harm in young women across England. It is based on new analysis of data from more than 20,000 people.



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