Women and Equalities Committee report

The Government, regulators and employers are failing in their responsibilities to tackle sexual harassment in the workplace, says the Women and Equalities Committee in a major report published following a wide-ranging six-month inquiry. The Committee finds that sexual harassment at work is widespread and commonplace but there has been a failure to tackle unlawful behaviours, despite the Government's obligations under international law.

Invitation to tender: Justice and Equality Fund Communications Specialist

The Justice and Equality Fund (the JEF), managed by Rosa, aims to bring an end to the culture of harassment, abuse and impunity by resourcing an expert network of advice, support and advocacy organisations and projects. Based on lessons from what has worked in other fields, Rosa will resource and coordinate a network of communications professionals, embedded within several women’s organisations already active in this area.

Children affected by domestic abuse

The Home Office has announced an £8m fund to support children who have been affected by domestic abuse. The announcement highlights the work of the NSPCC’s Domestic Abuse, Recovering Together (DART™) programme which enables children and their mothers to talk to each other about the domestic abuse they have experienced, learn to communicate and rebuild their relationship. Source: NSPCC Caspar Alert. 

Women seeking asylum: Safe from violence in the UK?

Women who have fled war and persecution in their home countries are not protected from abuse and violence here in the UK, in the country they thought would make them safe, finds ground-breaking new research published by the Refugee Council and ASAP. Women seeking asylum: Safe from violence in the UK? looks at how the asylum support system responds to women facing domestic violence and other forms of gender-based violence – and finds it wanting. Source: Refugee Council

Pressing for Progress: women's rights and gender equality in 2018

The Equality and Human Rights Commission has published a new report examining the state of women’s rights in Great Britain in 2018. The report, Pressing for Progress: women’s rights and gender equality in 2018 assesses the progress on women’s rights since 2013 and makes recommendations to the UK and Welsh governments, in areas including:

EmpowHER programme starts soon

Streetwise is currently recruiting young women for their next EmpowHER group work programme, which they hope to start at the beginning of August. The group is aimed at young women who have been affected by domestic or sexual violence however they will not be asked to disclose this in the group. They do a 1-2-1 meeting beforehand to help the young person feel comfortable and assess suitability for the group.

Young women do lots of self-care activities, including Yoga, explore what it means to be a female, body positivity, assertiveness etc. 

Understanding the drivers of youth social action

The #iwill campaign have commissioned research to understand what young people coming from lower socio-economic groups understand by social action and what motivates them either to engage or not to engage.

They would like to hold two focus groups here in the North East, one with young people aged 13 to 15 who are currently engaging in youth social action and another with young people aged 13 to 15 who are not currently engaging in youth social action.

Each focus group will last approximately an hour and they are looking for 6 -10 young people to take part.

Funding for the UK Women's Sector - we need your help!

WRC have teamed up with the Women's Budget Group to research issues facing funding for the UK Women's Sector.

We are asking women's organisations (not-for-profit groups led by and for women) to fill in this survey about the financial sustainability and health of the women's sector across the UK. The data collected here will help us to produce a report on the state of funding for the sector, which will be come out later this year.


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