Press Association research reveals children as young as five have been disciplined for abuse, assault and sharing indecent images

Figures obtained via a freedom of information request by the Press Association from 15 local authorities found 754 children had been expelled or temporarily excluded from school as a result of sexual misconduct in the past four years, the Guardian reported. The research reveals that pupils are being disciplined for a wide range of incidents described as sexual misconduct, including bullying and “lewd” behaviour, as well as sharing indecent images on social media.

Sentences for coercive control must reflect the severity of the crime

Hilary Fisher, Women’s Aid Director of Research, Policy and Campaigns comments on the recent case of Harley Smith who was convicted of coercive control: “Harley Smith’s lenient sentencing sends a dangerous message. Chelsea Bush’s life was made an absolute misery during the two years she was abused by her then-boyfriend Harley Smith. Smith tried to cut Chelsea’s contact with her family and friends, he restricted her access to her bank account, he snapped her SIM card so she lost all of her contacts, and he also physically assaulted her.

Councils warn that sexual health services are at tipping point

The Local Government Association (LGA), which represents more than 370 councils in England and Wales, says that sexual health services are at a tipping point after demand increased by a quarter in the past five years, while funding has been cut.In 2016 there were 2,456,779 new attendances at sexual health clinics compared with 1,941,801 in 2012. The LGA says that the Government’s cuts to councils’ public health budgets of £531 million – a reduction of nearly 10 per cent – has left local authorities struggling to keep up with increased demand for sexual he

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