Calling NE Union reps and officials - have you dealt with a domestic violence case?

Dr Gemma Wibberley, Dr Carol Jones and Dr Tony Bennett, staff at UCLAN and Sheffield Hallam University, are exploring the role that trade unions can play if an employee is a victim / survivor of domestic violence, and how it impacts wwithin workplaces. Supported by TUC as part of their 150th anniversary.

If you are a union representative or officer that has taken part in a domestic violence case please help our research supported by the Northern TUC women’s committee. It’s completely confidential but your experiences and thoughts are valuable to us. 

Paddy Jackson and Stuart Olding's contracts revoked

Ulster and Ireland rugby players Paddy Jackson and Stuart Olding have had their contracts terminated. Last month, the players were cleared of rape after a nine-week trial. In a joint statement on Saturday, the IRFU and Ulster said their contracts have been revoked with "immediate effect". While the pair were cleared of rape, there had been controversy over social media and text messages they had exchanged. Source: BBC News

Jobs: Changing Lives

Changing Lives is recruiting a GAP/MAP Development Worker (full time, contract/temporary, £22,000.00 per annum). Have you got experience of working with men & women with multiple-complex needs and facing social exclusion? Do you have knowledge and experience of working with people facing exposure to sexual exploitation and abuse, including the associated health and safety risks? Want to work for an organisation that helps people build brighter futures for themselves and their families?

Big Lottery Fund - Reaching Communities (Grant - England)

The Big Lottery Fund has announced that its Reaching Communities Programme has re-opened for applications. Reaching Communities provide grants of over £10,000 to help improve local communities and the lives of people most in need, including hard to reach communities. Grants will be available for projects that address one or more of the following outcomes:

Amnesty is recruiting volunteers to track abuse against women on #toxictwitter

Twitter prides itself as a place where everyone has “the power to create and share ideas and information instantly, without barriers”. In March 2018, it tweeted that it “stands with women to make their voices heard”. And yet, the right for women to freely express themselves is routinely silenced by toxic abuse on the platform. This abuse is compounded for women from minority racial, ethnic or religious backgrounds; not to mention women with disabilities; or lesbian, trans and bisexual women or people who don’t conform to gender norms of male and female.

Greater Manchester Police logs 775 LGBT domestic violence reports

Last week, the BBC reported that nearly 800 reports of domestic violence within Greater Manchester's LGBT community were recorded by police during the last 12 months. In April 2017 Greater Manchester Police (GMP) became the first force in the UK to specifically record such abuse, and have logged 775 cases. Baroness Beverley Hughes, deputy mayor for policing, said GMP now has a "clearer picture" of the abuse.


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