About us

NEWomen's Network's purpose is to strengthen the women's sector and to ensure its survival by encouraging and supporting collaboration between women's VCOs and building partnerships and alliances across other sectors. The Network and its member organisations and groups are committed to reflecting the following principles in their day-to-day practice:

  • Creating and protecting female only space and female only services
  • Advocating for collaboration, collectivism and solidarity between women‘s organisations and groups
  • Individually and collectively resisting competitive processes and cultures
  • Using power and authority responsibly, with respect for all concerned
  • Creating and sustaining women’s organisations to foster women's self-empowerment and feminist leadership
  • Ensuring that women‘s organisations and networks are always led and managed by women.
  • Being open to critically assessing our impact as women's organisations and groups and being honest and proactive with regards to our role in creating a diverse and inclusive women's movement
  • Understanding and applying intersectionality (differences and inequalities between women) as central to the pursuit of social justice and equality