Women's Budget Group ask 'Can you help us make the economy work for women'?

It has been a busy year for the Women’s Budget Group.

Can you help us over the next year as we launch our biggest project yet?

Over the last year, with your support, we have:

And Yesterday we published a casebook and website based on our experiences since 1989 to help support groups wanting to do something similar in other countries.

Next year looks set to be even busier!

We are now planning a major new project. We have just had funding confirmed for a new Commission to draw up policies for a gender equal economy. This will build on our work to develop ‘plan F’, a feminist alternative to austerity with more detailed policy proposals across a range of areas.

We will of course continue our work analysing the gender impact of UK economic policy, with work under way on Brexit, public transport, adult social care, social security and funding for the women’s sector. 

But in order to do this we need your help. WBG is proud to maintain an open-access, free membership that is available to all. We don’t charge membership fees, but donations from our membership are crucial to enabling us to continue to deliver our hard-hitting, independent analysis and run campaigns.

Your financial support provides much needed core funds and allows us to respond quickly as the political situation changes. It means that we can maximise the impact, influence and reach of the WBG analysis that many of our members contribute to so generously on a pro bono basis.

You can donate in the following ways:

ONLINE via the http://wbg.org.uk/donate/ on our website (this facility accepts payments via debit card, credit card and Paypal, and allows you to set up a monthly standing order)

CHEQUE made payable to Women’s Budget Group and sent to Women’s Budget Group, C/o- The Studio, First Floor, 3-5 Bleeding Heart Yard, LONDON, EC1N 8SJ

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