Women Side by Side Peer Support Project for the North East

Women Side by Side uses peer support to improve the mental health of women facing disadvantage.     The project is supported by Mind and Agenda, the alliance for women and girls at risk.

Women Side by Side aims to improve the wellbeing of women experiencing mental health problems, particularly the most disadvantaged women, by increasing the availability of community-based peer support provided for and by women across England and Wales.

The programme is delivered and led predominantly by women’s organisations to ensure all care is
gender and trauma-informed, uses the specialist expertise of women experiencing multiple disadvantage, and women who have links to local community groups. Coming together and getting support from other women who’ve had similar experiences with their mental health can make a big difference to women’s lives. We call this peer support.

Across the North East and Yorkshire, several Women’s organisations have been awarded funding to take forward the development of peer support for women.

The North East and Yorkshire Learning Hub for the Women Side by Side Peer Support Project is a partnership of three Teesside based organisations:  My Sister’s Place, Arch North East and Middlesbrough and Stockton Mind.

The Learning Hub role is to increase capacity and availability of peer support for women by supporting Women’s organisations that received direct grants and those organisations that are interested in setting up their own peer support groups. The Learning Hub will host three learning events across the region by the end of 2019. Organisations will be invited to attend to share experiences, network and build confidence in the setting up and running of peer support groups.

If you would like to know more about the project or peer support or would like to join the virtual learning hub and receive invitations to the learning events, please contact Sarah Jane Ashcroft, Learning Hub Co-ordinator. Email: sarahjane.ashcroft@middlesbroughandstocktonmind.org.uk or ring: 01642 257020


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