Women’s issues in the news

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*30 May 2021 23:45 ~ Women’s Health Strategy: Call for Evidence Department of Health and Social Care – Submission Deadline
* Women losing out under furlough scheme – Global Institute for Women’s Leadership
* Half of women in the UK say they have been sexually harassed by men – YouGov Survey
* New polling shows majority of the public now oppose the government’s two-child limit policy – BPAS
* Urgent need to help new parents break the cycle of domestic abuse and give their babies a better start in life – For Baby’s Sake Trust
* Women over 70 with ovarian cancer are not receiving standard care
* Women Soldiers Forced to Use Socks and Paper as Period Products While on Tour MPs told
* Thousands of women may be receiving too little state pension – LCP
* 26 March 2021 23:45 ~ Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) Call for Evidence – Home Office Consultation – Closing Date
* 14 March 2021 15:00 ~ Thinking on Sunday: Gender Revolution and The Domestic Labour Gap – Conway Hall Ethical Society – Online

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