Women’ s Aid releases new data from Survival and Beyond

On International Women’s Day, Women’s Aid releasesd new data from Survival and Beyond: the domestic abuse report to bring to light the lifesaving work that is often hidden away within our communities. Through their work in member services in England, refuge workers provided an estimated 13,414 women and their 14,353 children fleeing domestic abuse with a place of safety, while an estimated 154,306 survivors were supported in community-based support services during the year 2016/17.

The Survival and Beyond report reveals that:

  • 60% of responding services cited funding cuts/uncertainties as their biggest challenge in 2016/17.
  • Over one in ten of responding services reported that they had experienced a decrease in staffing levels during the year 2016/17.
  • Of the services who reported an increase in one or more types of support provision being offered, only 35% of these services reported an increase to their staff number.
  • There was a 13% decrease in the number of organisations who were able to provide counselling as part of their support provision during 2016/17.

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