Who were the Early Women Naturalists of North East England?

Who were the early women naturalists of North East England?  – An exhibition in the Hancock Library on the second floor of the Museum, open during library open hours until 9th September. Free entry, donations welcome. No booking required, drop in. There are also some evening talks about individual women including Mary Hancock, Kathleen Blackburn, Margaret Dickinson and Grace Hickling.

The Natural History Society of Northumbria (NHSN) has played a significant role in natural history, both regionally and nationally, from the early 19th century to the present day. Our history celebrates many naturalists of North East England, however there is a noticeable absence of women naturalists.

The absence of women occurs for many reasons which were not unique to the North East region. However, this exhibition begins the process of celebrating known women naturalists and initiating the task of revisiting lesser known women whose biographies require completion.  

We want to go further too, identifying North East women who pursued their love and fascination for the natural world in other ways such as through community life in schools, religion, the arts, clubs and societies. 

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