What Next for Activate

The Activate Team plan to follow up on their North East launch events in Middlesbrough and Newcastle. 

"We hope the events provided you with a source of energy - energy that we’d love for you to channel into Activate! Help us champion female community activists to stand for office. Help us renew politics so that it is more reflective of the society we live in. It is time! Here are the things you can do to help:

  1. Build the movement: Ask three women you know to join. It's free. They can read more and sign up for emails here. We are actively looking for supporters who can help us build change from the ground up.
  2. Spread the word on social! Follow us online @ActivateFund on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Share your reflections, photos and tell us what you thought about the events using #TimetoActivate.
  3. Who is the next AOC? Tell us about amazing women who are standing for election this year and would benefit from our funding. Our application process is now open for candidates! Please click here to start applying and nominating. 

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