#StopThisAbuse Campaign Launch 5th November

On 5th November, Respect – as part of the Drive partnership - will be launching a campaign to ask government to publish a clear strategy for tackling perpetrators of domestic abuse.

Thus far, most government work has been focussed on the victim and how to keep them safe. That important work must go on and improve. But ultimately the most sustainable way to keep victims safe and free from fear is to stop this abusive behaviour altogether. The prize for getting this work right is enormous – an end to domestic abuse. Over 50 organisations have signed up to this Call to Action. Signatories include many sector colleagues, like SafeLivesWomen’s AidAVA and EVAW; but also new friends like Action for ChildrenShelterThe Royal College of GPs and many academics and police forces. Together we are telling the government that there are proven ways to change perpetrators’ behaviour and to make it harder for them to continue their crimes if they won’t. 

We are pointing out that these interventions are few and far between and that there are some really bad unaccredited interventions out there. This is unacceptable. We need quality-assured, tailored behaviour change interventions available everywhere. We are asking public services to work together to take the pressure off victims to make compromises in their lives and put the onus on perpetrators to change. Every agency – from police to health – needs to play its part and it needs the public to support them.

You can support this call by tweeting or posting on Facebook on the day, using the hashtag #StopThisAbuse and by encouraging other organisations to sign up to the Call to Action by emailing us.

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