Stop Suffragette statue being removed from Parliament

The statue of famous suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst could soon be ripped from its historic home next to Parliament, and moved to a private college where few will see it. The statue’s stood for 88 years as a symbol of women’s struggle for the right to vote - it’s history we can’t allow to disappear from public view

City of Westminster council are deciding right now whether to let the move go ahead and they’re asking what the public thinks. Campaigners for women’s rights and even the committee that manages the artwork at Parliament are against removing the statue.  But right now the voice of the public is missing

So Jacquie has started a 38 Degrees petition calling on the council to keep the statue next to Parliament. If thousands of us add our names, it‘ll send a message to the council that will be impossible to ignore: the public don’t want this vital history hidden away in a private colle

Will you join Jacquie and help keep an important part of women’s history in its home at the heart of UK politics? It only takes a few seconds: