Sign the petition - Financial Abuse due to Universal Credit

The Women's Budget Group is exploring the scope for financial abuse due to Universal Credit being payable to only one member of a couple. There is a Private Member's Bill about this and the MP (Phillipa Whitford) has also set up a petition. 
Would you be able to sign it and circulate it to your networks? 
Sign the petition.
Universal Credit: split payments between adults in each household
The UK Government pays Universal Credit to 1 account per household. Charities have expressed concern this could increase the risk of financial abuse. Payments should be paid to individuals to avoid enabling financial coercion and women being trapped in abusive relationships due to lack of money.
For more information please see the Women's Budget Group briefing paper on UC and financial abuse and a Buzzfeed article.
Please contact Marilyn Howard the researcher if you would like any more information:
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