Researching women and the justice system in the West End of Newcastle

Ana Speed is a solicitor and PhD student at Northumbria University. Her doctorate focusses on barriers women face engaging with the justice system. As part of this, she is carrying out a study into perceptions of access to justice for women in the West-End of Newcastle and the role that community and religious organisations play in supporting their female service users in legal disputes.

 It is anticipated that the findings will contribute to an understanding of access to justice in the West End of Newcastle. Finally, the research will highlight the advice and access needs of people in the West-End experiencing legal disputes and therefore could assist governments and charities in deciding how funding and services could be most effectively directed.

This project has received ethical approval from Northumbria University. For more information:

Ana Speed| Solicitor Tutor, Northumbria Law School T:  +44 (0)191 243 7958