RASASC: Response to Met Decision to Review Sexual Offences Cases

In December last year the media reported widely on two sexual offences trials  that collapsed within a week of each other after evidence was disclosed late into proceedings that had the potential to ‘undermine’ the Prosecution’s case. Disclosure rules mean that the police and the CPS have a duty to inform the defence if they find any evidence that “weakens” the Prosecution case or “strengthens” the Defence’s. What followed was a wave of press coverage highlighting both the “systemic failures” of the Metropolitan Police and the experiences of those accused of rape. Former Justice Minister, Dominic Raab, said that the “basic principle of British justice” was at stake. Shortly after, the Metropolitan Police announced it was reviewing all sexual offences cases where there had been a decision to charge, with focus on those cases close to court proceedings. Read the full article from the Rape & Sexual Abuse Support Centre Rape Crisis South London

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