The Pilgrim Trust's Social Welfare funding targets women

The Pilgrim Trust funds smaller charities, with the aim of improving the life chances of vulnerable women and girls, and their interest is in supporting early interventions that address their needs before these become too deep-seated.

"We are interested in projects that give women and girls greater opportunities and greater control over their lives. These projects will take an early action approach to addressing the social inequalities women and girls face. We suggest you refer carefully to our Funding Guidelines before you make an application."

"We make grants available through one of two schemes, the Main Grant Fund and the Small Grant Fund. The Main Grant Fund is our primary grant outlet and distributes approximately 90% of our annual grant budget. If your project fits our funding criteria, you can apply for sums above £5,000 through this scheme. The Small Grant Fund  is reserved for requests of £5,000 or less."

The Trust's Panel meets each quarter.

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