Pay back the Tampon Tax to women's sector

Money collected from VAT on period products known as the Tampon Tax was pledged for women's health and support charities in November 2015. Most of the money has instead been awarded to other charities that are not focused on women's health and support and local women's charities are missing out on money which was pledged for them.

Honour the promise and make sure the Tampon Tax money is dedicated to women's charities.

Vivienne Hayes of Women's Resource Centre says:

I started this petition because…
women's charities and local women's groups give women a life-line and reach women nobody else can. They are like the fourth emergency service.

“No one knows what I have gone through I'm very good at faking that I am fine, but here I found that hope that I can go further. I think that these women's charities make miracles, saving other peoples lives. It's wonderful - not everyone can do this”. (quote from anonymous service user)

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