Participants wanted for research on justice and gender-based violence

A small experienced group of researchers from Bristol and Cardiff Universities are currently researching what types of justice victims/survivors of different types of gender based violence (including domestic and / or sexual abuse, forced marriage and so-called ‘honour’-related abuse) access, want, and get. Individuals with these experiences might have different ideas of what ‘justice’ means to them, and the researchers are interested in those ideas.  They will use the findings to inform government policy to make sure that victims’ views are included when looking at different types of justice.

They would like to speak to victims/survivors of different types of about what ‘justice’ means to them.  It doesn’t matter if they have or have not used the police or the courts, they want to know their views. Taking part would involve a one-off interview, either in person at a safe place, or over the telephone which would take approx. 60 minutes. One of the research team is based in Hartlepool. Any contact information provided will be kept securely and confidentiality in accordance with data protection legislation.

Victims/survivors (female and male) who would like to know more details, can email the research team or phone: 07807 799967.

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