Ofsted leaders quizzed by MPs show lack of urgency and commitment to tackling sexual violence in schools

On the 5th February 2019) the Education Select Committee held an ‘accountability hearing’, where they questioned Ofsted chiefs Amanda Spielman and Sean Harford on the new draft education inspection framework, Ofsted’s annual report, and how safeguarding arrangements in schools are inspected. Emma Hardy MP opened her questions reminding the room that it is sexual abuse and sexual violence week, and went on to ask a series of questions about how Ofsted are able to properly assess how well a school is safeguarding its pupils from sexual violence. It’s clear from the answers that Ofsted have not placed this issue at the top of their priority list. Over two years on from the Women and Equalities Select Committee’s report into sexual violence in school shocked MPs and parents, reporting that more that 200 girls a year are raped by someone in school, it doesn’t seem that our schools’ inspectorate has understood the scale of the problem or the harm it does. More on the End Violence Against Women Coalition website. 

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