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Fighting for Your Rights

We’ve released a fantastic 15 minute film made by service-users about our Neurological Advocacy Service. It really shows the power of advocacy in fighting for rights. See the film

2018 National Advocacy Awards

In 2016 Advocacy Centre North was awarded 'Highly Commended Runner-up' for Outstanding Advocacy Service at the National Advocacy Awards. The awards recognise the incredible work that individuals and organisations like Advocacy Centre North do in helping people.

Here’s your chance to recognise excellence within the advocacy sector and congratulate exceptional contributions to the field of advocacy. The awards are open to anyone involved in the advocacy sector. People and organisations can be nominated in 5 categories:

  1. Outstanding advocate
  2. Outstanding service
  3. Best co-production
  4. Outstanding contribution to equality and diversity
  5. Best support of advocacy 

Find out more and make your nominations by 31 August

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