More than half of women MPs faced discrimination standing for parliament, finds Young Women’s Trust

More than half of current women MPs say they faced gender discrimination during their selection or election, according to a ComRes poll for Young Women’s Trust. 

The charity, which supports young women on low or no pay, found that 55 per cent of women MPs were treated less well when trying to get into parliament because of their gender. Labour MPs were the most likely to report gender discrimination (24 per cent of all Labour respondents), followed by Conservative MPs (21 per cent of all Conservative respondents). 

MPs in the North and the Midlands reported gender discrimination in the highest numbers (30 per cent and 27 per cent respectively). 

This compares to the three in ten young women who said they had experienced gender discrimination when working or looking for work in a separate Populus Data Solutions survey for Young Women’s Trust. 

The survey of more than 4,000 young people found that they think it is more likely we will have discovered aliens than achieved equal representation in parliament or in business by the time they are 40. 37 per cent think scientists will have discovered life on another planet, compared to 34 per cent who think there will be as many women as men MPs and 33 per cent who think women will be equally represented among business leaders. 

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