The misplaced feminism of Hasbro’s Ms Monopoly

It’s all fun and games until Hasbro replaces the Monopoly man with ‘Ms Monopoly’, touts it as a ‘celebration of women entrepreneurs and inventors’, and forgets to mention that Monopoly was actually created by a woman. In 1904, feminist and progressive Elizabeth Magie received a patent for The Landlord’s Game, in which players roll a dice to advance along a path composed of 40 spaces around a board – just like modern Monopoly. Magie’s role in the game’s development has slowly been diminished and Hasbro instead credits Charles Darrow, who sold Monopoly to the Peak Brothers in 1935.

In this new utopian world of misguided board game feminism, women players also start with more money, and collect more money when they pass ‘go’. Gender pay gap sorted!

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