Message and Survey request from Rosa Foundation

We know that existing inequalities mean that coronavirus will hit women the hardest, especially women who are already vulnerable. We know this means women’s organisations in the UK are under enormous pressure right now to support people in need, while also dealing with their own internal challenges.

Rosa is working flat out to look at how we can create emergency funding to support women’s organisations in the UK, and we need your help to make the case for financial support for the women’s sector. That’s why we’ve partnered with the Women’s Resource Centre to develop a survey so you can share your experience on the ground. We would be grateful for 20 minutes of your time to take the survey using the link below (if you are a WRC member you may have already received this!).

It would be fantastic if you are able to complete the survey over the next two to three days, however we know this is a particularly busy time for many so please do take the time you need, your feedback will be hugely valuable.

Rehana Reid

Head of Grants Rosa- The UK Fund for Women and Girls

Mob: 07934378795

Tel: 020 7697 3466 (this is the Rosa office number, please note I work remotely) Rosa 4th Floor, United House, North Road, London N7 9DP