Make it mandatory for employers to take steps against workplace sexual harassment – Young Women’s Trust

Young Women’s Trust has joined forces with the TUC to call on the Government to end workplace sexual harassment by making it mandatory for employers to take preventative steps. The coalition of charities and trade unions is petitioning the minister for women and equalities, Penny Mordaunt, to put a legal duty on employers to take proactive action to prevent sexual harassment in their workplaces. 

Young Women’s Trust media manager Bex Bailey said:

“We have heard a huge number of testimonies from women in all sectors but we are still waiting for action to end sexual harassment. No woman should feel unsafe at work or unable to say something when she is sexually harassed. Yet huge numbers tell us they are still scared of reporting harassment for fear of losing their job, with many not even knowing how to report it. We’re calling on the Government to make it mandatory for all employers to protect their workers from harassment and victimisation. Alongside this, employers should make it easier to report abuse by customers and clients, as well as colleagues, and put in place unbiased reporting processes that do not penalise victims. Making workplaces safe for women is not just the right thing to do, it will also benefit businesses and the economy. We cannot delay this any longer.”

For more information, please contact Bex Bailey at or on 020 7837 2019.

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