Invitation to join Community-based arts and menopause project

Karen Ross, Professor of Gender and Media at Newcastle University has shared an invitationto participate in a community-based arts-health project which is focused around story-telling the menopause experience and ‘creating’ that experience through knitting, textiles, ceramics, painting or anything else that we can get hold of. 

"The idea here is to participate in a 2-hr ‘creative menopause’ workshop, which will be jointly facilitated by me and an artist-practitioner who will work with us on developing our inner creative while talking about our menopause experiences. At the end of the workshop phase, a group of us will then work with the project’s animator, to produce a short (around 3 mins) animation based on the discussions and the artefacts we have created. The resulting film will be screened alongside the artefacts in an exhibition, venue to be decided but likely to be the Hatton or another Newcastle venue. The film will then be used in training medical students so that they can enhance their physiological understanding of menopause with an appreciation of the diversity of our emotional and experiential responses, and thus to better understand the complicated thing which is the menopause. The workshops will be running during the first half of May, probably in Newcastle City library, in the mornings, across lunchtimes and in the afternoons. I am looking for participants who are at any point along the menopause journey, just before, during or all the way through and out the other side (yay!), as long as you have a story you are happy to tell, regardless of its nature. Once I have a sense of take-up, I will circulate a survey link to identify the best days and times to maximise participation."

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