Helpline & Email Support Volunteer Role – Recruitment Open

Women volunteer with us to delivery all of our services for women and girls with the exception of our Counselling Service.  The route into all frontline volunteer roles is via experience in our Helpline and Email Supporter role.

Recruitment for Helpline & Email Support Volunteer role is now open.  For more information click here for the Helpline & Email Support Volunteer – Role Description

Women interested in volunteering with us should read Our Mission Statement which includes our statement on feminism. 

If you are successful in the application process you will be offered a place on our volunteer induction training.  Please check that you are able to meet the requirements of this year’s volunteer training schedule which is here: Volunteer Training Schedule 2019

Recruitment Schedule:  We are now actively meeting potential volunteers.

To begin the recruitment process for the Helpline & Email Support Volunteer Role contact our Volunteer Coordinator:  She will schedule a meeting with you and send you an application form to complete.

Places for 2019 Volunteer Training will be offered by 29th April & must be accepted by 3rd May

We are not able to support counselling placements or have volunteers as part of our counselling team.

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