General Election Countdown - Women's Budget Group

We have a few days left before the General Election...

The last few weeks have consisted of a flurry of manifesto announcements from different parties and if you wondered about what this means for women then look no further...we have been busy ensuring that the coverage of vital issues surrounding the election have a gendered perspective. 

Our Public Affairs Officer, Jenna Norman, wrote a powerful piece in Huffington Post on the Dispatched documentary 'Growing Up Poor' which aired earlier this week. "Child Poverty Is Not Inevitable. When 90% of single parents are women, poverty is far from “gender neutral”. So, if we want to put an end to child poverty, we need to think about the causes of women’s poverty." Read the full article here

Jenna also looked at the promises main parties made around NHS funding and why this is a vital issue women need to consider in this General Election. Read the full article here

We also looked at what the main parties were promising on housing and how this will impact women.  Sara Reis, our Research and Policy Officer, has broken down the manifestos and their promises on housing in a piece which features in 24Housing magazine. 'Women are paying attention to parties’ housing agenda – it’s time parties pay attention to women.' Read the full article here

Sara has also written a blog for Child Poverty Action Group to mark 16 days of activism against Violence Against Women & Girls. 'Economic inequality is facilitating violence perpetrated by men against women.'  Read the full blog here

Our Director, Dr Mary- Ann Stephenson wrote a piece on why investment in social infrastructure is just as important as investment in physical infrastructure if we are to build a more build a more productive, happy, healthy and gender equal economy. Read the blog here.

And we didn't stop there...Daniella Jenkins, member of our Early Career Network, wrote a piece on what the main parties are saying on pension issues. Find out more

And we also called on the wider expertise of our WBG network to ensure we provided a gendered perspective on all the issues that matter to women in this General Election...

Hilary Land wrote a piece on what the main parties are promising to end the social care crisis. Read more here

Jonquil Lowe has looked at what the main parties are saying about savings and investment inequality for women. Find out more

In case you missed it...Dr Mary- Ann Stephenson wrote for Metro on why it is important to remember that tax is a women's issue . 'All eyes are on the impact on ‘tax payers’ pockets’. The assumption that the tax payers’ clothes have pockets reveals who this discussion is really about' Read the full article here

We also were also in the Big Issue detailing key asks we have regarding social care. This includes the need for a National Care Service. Read more here

We also looked at Social Security and the vital importance of ending the two-child limit and why Universal Credit payments should go into separate accounts. Read more here

Whilst we were busy working away to provide you a gendered analysis of party manifestos we realised how much work we still need to do to make the case for gender equality so that the care and well being of people is at the centre of economic policy. 


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