Four Nation Approach to tackling Workplace Sexual Harassment

Women's organisations from across the four nations of the UK have come together to collaborate on a project which will tackle sexual harassment in the workplace, funded by Rosa and the Justice and Equality Fund Now’s the Time programme.

The project aims to enable a shift towards a preventative approach, equipping employers with the tools to be more proactive in their efforts towards eradicating sexual harassment. The current approach relies on women reporting their experiences that can be incredibly sensitive and traumatic, putting them in a vulnerable position personally and within their workplaces. The four organisations are working to challenge the power imbalance between women and men which maintains inequality and creates a culture where sexual harassment is normalised and can go unchallenged. The project will seek to work from an intersectional approach which analyses and challenges the ways that differently positioned women are targeted for sexual harassment, for example on the basis of their ethnicity.

The project, which will run over two years, will provide evidence of what works in tackling workplace sexual harassment, develop new resources for employers and campaign for change. The project will benefit from the contribution of the unique expertise of each organisation.

The four organisations working on the project are Wales-based Chwarae Teg (FairPlay), England-based The Fawcett Society, Scotland-based Close the Gap and the Women’s Resource and Development Agency, which is based in Northern Ireland.

Working across the four nations of the UK, the partners will review best practice in responding to sexual harassment in the workplace, and explore ideas around independent reporting mechanisms. The project will also research how employers, managers and employees view current experiences and will create employer focussed resources to promote a proactive, responsive culture, making workplaces better environments for everyone.

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