EVAW on John Gillen review: Call for legal representation for victims welcomed

Responding to the publication of the John Gillen Review initial findings and recommendations on the justice system’s response to serious sexual offences in Northern Ireland, Sarah Green, Co-Director of the End Violence Against Women Coalition said: “John Gillen’s review is a compelling read. He has not been afraid to talk to all interested parties, to name some of what has been unsayable around rape trials, and to make bold recommendations.His recognition that “rape myths” are a reality and a serious problem in rape trials is very welcome. The Review’s recommendations that educational material for jurors and perhaps expert witnesses be introduced are strong. Sir John is also right to call for research on the extent of these prejudiced attitudes, and for public and school campaigns to tackle them, because rape is not just a courtroom matter, and the Government has responsibility for the long-term protection of women and girls from assault.” Read the full response here. 


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