petition on domestic abuse refuge spaces during Covid19

Right now, the lockdown to slow the spread of coronavirus is leaving those at risk of domestic violence trapped inside their homes with their abusers. There are already signs of a surge in cases across the UK in the last two weeks - helplines have seen a huge increase in demand and 9 people have been killed.

We need to protect people across the UK for who home is a dangerous place. Priti Patel says that those suffering abuse can leave their homes. But if they have nowhere to go, this won’t help them to escape. 

Right now, refuge spaces are already overrun. That’s why I’m calling on the Government and local authorities to open up hotels, BnBs and empty properties to support those fleeing violence. Will you stand up for victims and help them out of their violence fueled homes by signing today? 

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I’m a domestic abuse survivor. It first happened when my husband Darren tried to strangle me whilst I was pregnant. I was with him for 18 years before restarting my life. I can’t imagine how terrified I’d be if we were forced indoors together - like many people who are forced to be with their violent partners now.

Some countries which are also isolating have seen an increase in domestic abuse cases by up to 50%. It is expected to happen in the UK too and we need to be ready to support those in need of urgent support.


Services need increased support too. We also need to make sure that all domestic abuse services have adequate PPE as they are on the frontline having face to face contact. Funding must be there for services during and after lockdown. These services give 24 hours support and supply phones to those who have escaped. 

Please don’t let coronavirus increase the already very real threat of violence against people. 

Thank you,

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