Calling NE Union reps and officials - have you dealt with a domestic violence case?

Dr Gemma Wibberley, Dr Carol Jones and Dr Tony Bennett, staff at UCLAN and Sheffield Hallam University, are exploring the role that trade unions can play if an employee is a victim / survivor of domestic violence, and how it impacts wwithin workplaces. Supported by TUC as part of their 150th anniversary.

If you are a union representative or officer that has taken part in a domestic violence case please help our research supported by the Northern TUC women’s committee. It’s completely confidential but your experiences and thoughts are valuable to us. 

  • Short confidential interviews
  • Questions available in advance and will not ask for information about personal experiences
  • At your convenience

CONTACT Gemma - 01772 894674

Domestic violence has a devastating impact on the lives of thousands of people. The workplace can be a place of safety for people where they will often confide in their colleagues and union representatives about their experiences. It is also a place where others notice what is going on, and help people to access the support they can so desperately need.

There are around 30,910 reports of domestic abuse in Northumbria each year alone, this equates to an average of 2,576 incidents per month and 2,216 victims every month. These figures show that the issue isn’t going away. We need a whole range of strategies to tackle it.

We are proud to have trained over 80 trade union workplace domestic violence champions working with Police and Crime Commissioner Vera Baird and many union reps will negotiate domestic violence policies at work too.

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