Call for evidence: A survey to explore support available for women experiencing homelessness with multiple and/or complex needs

Homeless Link and Women’s Resource Centre have commissioned research to explore gendered approaches to working with women experiencing homelessness with multiple and/or complex needs. You can complete the survey about your service and your experience of supporting women. The information gathered will help us to understand the challenges that services are facing, explore different approaches to supporting women and illustrate some strategies for overcoming the barriers to supporting women effectively.

Calling NE Union reps and officials - have you dealt with a domestic violence case?

Dr Gemma Wibberley, Dr Carol Jones and Dr Tony Bennett, staff at UCLAN and Sheffield Hallam University, are exploring the role that trade unions can play if an employee is a victim / survivor of domestic violence, and how it impacts wwithin workplaces. Supported by TUC as part of their 150th anniversary.

If you are a union representative or officer that has taken part in a domestic violence case please help our research supported by the Northern TUC women’s committee. It’s completely confidential but your experiences and thoughts are valuable to us. 

30 April 2018 ~ Submissions sought on impact of Universal Credit payments and domestic abuse – Work and Pensions Committee – deadline

The Work and Pensions Committee launches a short inquiry into the impact of the way Universal Credit payments are made, as a single payment to a whole household, on survivors of domestic and financial abuse.

Under current rules couples must make joint claim 

Under the rules for applying for Universal Credit (UC) couples must make a joint claim, and receive a single payment monthly into one account. The couple nominates the account they would like payments to be made into when they begin their claim.

Government consultation open on Draft Domestic Abuse Bill and £20 m in Funding

The Government has launched this consultation as part of its commitment to end domestic abuse and to improve and expand services to meet the needs of those experiencing abuse and violence.

The Prime Minister, Home Secretary and the Justice Secretary have launched a consultation on domestic abuse, seeking new laws and stronger powers to protect and support survivors as well as how to allocate some of the £20 million funding for domestic abuse services that was announced a year ago.

Mindfulness Tool for Women Survivors

Rape Crisis Tyneside and Northumberland, in partnership with Mindful Therapies are inviting women survivors of sexual violence to help them develop a
Mindfulness Tool for Survivors. This will be a self-help tool that women who have experienced sexual violence can use for free. Women will be able to use the mindfulness tools created independently of services, either on the internet or via CDs or memory sticks. For more information visit the Rape Crisis Tyneside and Northumberland website

Women's Resource Centre launches Women and Health in the NE survey

Surveys to assess the health of the women’s sector in the North East were conducted annually from 2009 to 2012. The survey was conducted again in 2015 and the findings provided a baseline for the ‘Women’s Commissioning Support Unit pilot in the North East of England. Women's Resource Centre are repeating this survey to give a picture of what changes have taken place in the North East women's sector during the intervening three years. 

Domestic Abuse Bill consultation announced

On International Women’s Day, the 8th March 2018, the Government opened a consultation on the new Domestic Violence and Abuse Bill, offering what Amber Rudd has called a ‘once in a generation opportunity to transform our entire approach’ to domestic abuse. In response, women’s organisations have urged for radical change, challenging the focus on criminal sanctions and sentencing, the continued cuts to service provision, and the importance of recognising the different forms of domestic and sexual abuse as well as their intersections.

Victims' Commissioner launches survey on experiences of the parole process for victims

In response to the John Worboys case, the Justice Secretary’s announced a review of how effectively the parole process involves victims, how transparent the process should be and whether the victim contact scheme is supporting victims in the way that it should. To inform the review, the Victim’s Commissioner has launched a victim survey asking for feedback from victims of how the parole process and Victim Contact Scheme might be more open, and better support them to cope and recover from their crimes.


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