Stop planned changes to funding for women's refuges

Immediately halt dangerous planned changes to the way that women's domestic abuse refuges are funded, as they could put women's and children’s lives at risk.

Work with Women's Aid and other partners to ensure that the national network of women's refuges is given a model of funding that will protect services in the long term.

Why is this important?

New government funding plans threaten to dismantle our life-saving national network of refuges and put the lives of women and children trying to escape domestic abuse at risk.

Victims bring crowd-funded legal challenge to Parole Board decision to free Worboys

Two victims of the 'black cab rapist' have launched a legal challenge to the Parole Board, insisting women won’t be safe if Worboys is released. A crowdfund has been started to support the victims’ legal costs. Worboys’ victims, known as DSD and NBV, are calling on the public to back their challenge via crowdfunding site CrowdJustice

Source: EVAW

Landmark win gives survivors their voice back but Women’s Aid calls on Government to make right to vote in safety a reality for life

This week the Government announced plans to make it easier for people to register to vote anonymously, enabling domestic abuse survivors to vote without fears for their safety. Women’s Aid released a statement welcoming the announcement, but calling on the Government to make Anonymous Voter Registration valid for the rest of survivors’ lives.

Twitter is 'failing women' experiencing online threats and harassment

Twitter is doing too little, too slowly to combat online threats, racist and misogynist abuse, according to research carried out by the Fawcett Society and Reclaim the Internet, a cross-party campaign founded by Yvette Cooper MP. Numerous examples of abuse, threats, and hate speech on the platform were identified and reported early last week – by the morning of the 21st August they were still up on the platform, despite the fact that they clearly violate Twitter's own community standards that do not allow direct or indirect threats or can be categorised a

Northern Irish Social Workers could be prosecuted due to benefits ‘rape clause’

The debate around the two-child benefit cap continues. This week, The Guardian reported that Northern Irish Social Workers have joined Labour in warning that claimants for children born of non-consensual sex may be criminalised, as it is an offence not to report a crime to police in Northern Ireland. 

British Medical Association ratifies position on the shameful "rape clause"

On Friday 14th July the British Medical Association (BMA) agreed to send a strong message to the UK Government that it believes the so-called ‘rape clause’ to be a shameful process and fully supports any doctor who chooses not to participate in the assessment process of exemptions. The BMA’s UK Council considered the role of doctors in the assessment process for child tax credit and universal credit exceptions and then ratified a motion that highlighted the terrible ordeal that women are being expected to relive in order to be eligible to receive support


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