Girls not Brides calls for ban on child marriages in Britain

A global campaign to end child marriage is focusing on Britain, where campaigners say the law fails to protect under-18s.

The legal age for marriage in England and Wales is 18, but children aged 16 and 17 can marry with parental consent. Activists believe consent can mean coercion.

Girls Not Brides, a global partership of more than 1,000 organisations seeking to end child marriage, is calling for weddings of under-18s to be made illegal. Its proposals would include all cases where either party is British or lives in the UK.

Project Worker (Part Time) - “Back in Control” Project

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Shattering Lives and Myths

How do victim-survivors experience image-based sexual abuse? The study, which was co-authored by professor Erika Rackley, from the University of Kent, and Dr Kelly Johnson of Durham University, called for image-based abuses to be reclassified as sexual offences.

It warned that current laws were a “patchwork of piecemeal and out-of-date provisions with many significant gaps”, with some requiring proof of sexual gratification or distress as motives for a charge. 

Women who are experiencing domestic abuse are nearly three times as likely to develop mental illness – new research published

Academics at the University of Birmingham have identified a significant association between mental illness and domestic abuse in UK women.

Up until now, there has been confusion whether the mental illness or the abuse came first and very few previous studies have been able to demonstrate the direction of the relationship.

This new study is the first of its kind in the UK to clearly show that the relationship runs both ways and the key findings were:

Make it mandatory for employers to take steps against workplace sexual harassment – Young Women’s Trust

Young Women’s Trust has joined forces with the TUC to call on the Government to end workplace sexual harassment by making it mandatory for employers to take preventative steps. The coalition of charities and trade unions is petitioning the minister for women and equalities, Penny Mordaunt, to put a legal duty on employers to take proactive action to prevent sexual harassment in their workplaces. 

Young Women’s Trust media manager Bex Bailey said:

An open letter to IPSA re MPs Parental Leave – Pregnant Then Screwed

A group of charities is campaigning for MPs to have 6 months parental leave and we want IPSA to make it happen.

You can read their open letter to the IPSA board here. The letter is signed and supported by various organisations and charities (see below).

You can sign the petition here


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