Reaching out to LGB and/or T survivors of Domestic Violence and Abuse

At the NEEVAWG meeting this month Professor Catherine Donovan talked about what we know about lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and/or transgendered people's experience of abuse in their intimate relationships, focusing specifically on where they go to seek help. Catherine has kindly shared the slides from her presentation. The two pieces of research she references are now available in the publications section of the NEEVAWG website.

Domestic Abuse: Learning from case reviews

The NSPCC has produced a summary of risk factors and learning for improved practice around families and domestic abuse following analysis of all serious case reviews undertaken since 2011. The learning from these reviews includes the need for professionals to engage with men living in the family home, whilst also making sure they see the mother alone. Professionals need to keep in mind the impact on children of living with domestic violence.


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