Women in Rural Enteprise (WiRE) Annual Conference

Date and time: 

Thursday, April 25, 2019 - 09:00 to 16:00


Harper Adams University Edgmond Shropshire TF10 8NB

Optimising and Building Your Brand

So, why is defining what a brand is so difficult? Is it because “Brands” means different things to different people, because they are about feelings (and feelings are complicated!). Is it because highly recognisable brands are used to define what a brand is and that makes us look at our businesses and struggle to find the connection.

There are so many definitions out there, the one I am drawn to is “A brand is simply “a promise”, of quality, service,dependability, excellence, feeling good, nutriton,etc”. Because we all like a little more than just a promise, here is a more scientific definition “An associative memory in the brain of the consumer who connects the brand with a set of attributes, benefits, impressions or emotions”.

What does “Brand” mean to you? Whatever it means, we hope that by the end of the conference you will be better equipped to optimise and build on your brand.

There will be speakers and seminars as usual but we will also be bringing back some elements that we have found successful in the past. We will be introducing our speakers and panel members in the coming week, so please keep an eye on Facebook & Instagram.

~ Q & A Panel
We will have a panel of specialists, are there questions that you would like answering? We would love you to come armed with questions for our panel or send them in to me. B2C or B2B. Specialist will include – Online Marketing/PR/Project Planning/Financial

~ Return Of The Netwalk
A fifteen minute guided walk around our lovely campus grounds here at Harper Adams.

~ What We Have Learned – Video from meetings and the day.
Over the coming months, your lovely Network Leaders may ask you to partake in some short soundbites or video clips, with “top tips” & “things I now know” or even do a timelapse video of your meetings. A good way to practice for those Instagram and Facebook Lives, so good for your “Brand”! If you are comfortable with this and would like to send me some clips, please do, we would love to feature them.

~ Marketplace – If interested, please do get in touch. Spaces are limited for stalls.

You can book now via this page. Please could you add any food intolerences in the notes section.

Network leaders, please contact me directly to book your place.

If you require a room, there are some available at Harper Adams on campus, they will need to be booked directly with the SCCO office, I have negotiated the Harper rate for our conference delegates. Please use the email address below and send the request including address and contact number for invoicing purposes.