Rosa Webinar on Influencing Local and National Government

Date and time: 

Tuesday, January 29, 2019 - 13:30

Rosa Fund is hosting a seminar on 'Influencing Local and National Government webinar'

"This webinar provides a rare opportunity to see behind the scenes of how corporate organisations communicate with and influence governments. As women’s organisations, we have a great deal to gain from being able to influence power holders, both for the women and girls we work with, and for gender equality more broadly.

Whether or not your organisation already works with stakeholders in government and policy makers, this webinar will help you identify who they are, work out how best to contact them and most importantly, how to influence them. 

The webinar will be delivered by Laura Gilmore, Director of Government Relations at Cummins, one of Rosa’s corporate supporters.

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We hope you can join us!"